Poster Submission

♦ Conference award for Best Poster ♦

The conference will have a designated session for posters which will be displayed in allocated rooms according to the different conference themes. In order to encourage all delegates to engage with the posters, we will begin the poster session with an opportunity for poster owners to make a short verbal pitch (3 minutes) to the audience. This method was very well received at AHE 2013.   The poster competition judges will make an holistic judgement on the value of the poster in communicating a piece of assessment research effectively. They will take into account the submission criteria of relevance to the conference, building on previous research and overall quality of the research/ investigation.

Anna Fernandez-Caparros Turina Best Poster Award 2013

The aim of the pitch is to:                     ♦Let the delegates know the topic of the poster

♦What specific problem, issue or question it addresses

♦What it reports on (e.g. a research project, an institutional project)

There will then be an opportunity for all delegates to review the posters and talk to their creators.  The posters should be completely constructed by delegates –maximum size A0 in ‘portrait’ orientation.

Please outline the following for your poster submission:

  • Title of poster
  • Relevant theme/s
  • Name of those submitting the poster
  • Institution
  • Contact details – telephone and e-mail
  • Aim of poster (400 word summary)

Please ensure that you follow the guidelines for submission with care.  If anything is unclear, please contact us before completing your submission.

Please submit all contributions online here  The deadline for submission is 30 March 2015.  Poster submissions received by 5th January 2015 will be notified in advance of this date.

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