30 June 2021-02 July 2021 at the Manchester MacDonald Hotel, Manchester, England. 

Contemporary assessment practice in the new age of higher education

AHE 2021 will be a conference like no other. Incorporating the best elements of the planned but postponed 2020 conference this three day event in Manchester Wednesday 30 June 2021 – Friday 02 July 2021 will now be in the foreground of research, practice, policy and thinking about contemporary assessment practice in the new age of higher education following recent pandemic events. While highlighting new evidence-informed insights into assessment and feedback practices that promote and support learning in HE, workshops, posters and open discussions will also provide opportunities for colleagues to reconsider radically their approaches to higher education assessment and feedback processes.

Contributors offering papers and workshops for this expanded event which includes provocative, forward looking keynotes from world-leading Professor David Boud, Alfred Deakin Professor and Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Naomi Winstone, University of Surrey and Professor Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University should therefore focus on creative and effective innovations developed in the light of this year’s unprecedented events. 

Topics may include (but are not limited to:

  • Learning from the benefits and disadvantages of emergency arrangements made this year when synchronous on-site assessment was not possible due to the pandemic;
  • Moving to more flexible formats of assessment and feedback design processes in the light of changed circumstances;
  • Highlighting the importance of continuing to be inclusive and integrating social justice within assessment and feedback approaches;
  • Moving from short-term experience to long-term enhancements and transformative assessment and feedback processes;
  • Working in partnership with students to develop new assessment and feedback practices including generation and analysis of student voice;
  • Making space for truly creative and innovative approaches that might previously have been disregarded in favour of more conventional techniques for assessment and feedback

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday 18 January 2021.  Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting your proposals online HERE

For general enquiries please contact Linda Shore at linda.shore@cumbria.ac.uk

If you would like to discuss the relevance of your project to the conference please contact one of the convenors: Kay Sambell kay.sambell@cumbria.ac.uk Linda Graham linda.graham@sunderland.ac.uk or Pete Boyd pete.boyd@cumbria.ac.uk

PLEASE NOTE: All proposals that were accepted through peer review for the 2020 AHE conference are already accepted for 2021. Authors may amend their proposals on-line or withdraw their proposal by contacting the LED Event Manager (linda.shore@cumbria.ac.uk). This call is for NEW proposals… we are adjusting the conference schedule to allow for more submissions.