Presentation Formats

Please refer to the submission guidelines before submitting your proposal on-line here

You are invited to submit a proposal for the International AHE Conference 2021 in four possible formats:

  1. Poster & Pitch:  This popular format involves a portrait style A0 poster plus a three minute pitch in a themed room followed by time for the audience to interact with individual presenters. These sessions attract a special interest audience and provide great networking opportunities. Poster & pitch may focus on research or practice exchange.
  2. Evaluation or Research Presentation: Present your evaluation or research project, focused on feedback, more formally with a maximum of 15 minutes for presentation. You may provide a paper or web link to support your presentation. There will be 15 minutes for discussion.
  3. Mini-Keynote Presentation: An opportunity to address the whole conference with your evaluation or research on feedback in a 5-minute oral presentation.  While you may accompany your mini-keynote address with a limited number of slides, please consider their suitability for a diverse audience and the strictly observed time available. Please also note that pre-recorded videos or similar should NOT be prepared as a substitute for your oral presentation. Timing will be strict. There will be 5 minutes for the audience to respond to your presentation with comment or questions for you to consider.
  4. Round table presentation: An opportunity to share innovative practice and research with 3 minute initial presentations contributing to critical discussion, you may accompany your presentation with a hard copy handout or web link. Topics e.g. an example of a successful innovation in your institution, successful implementing a specific assessment change, an effective technique for engaging staff, ideas for research and development projects, and others. There will be up to 8 other presenters within a one-hour session and other interested conference delegates will join the group and contribute to discussion. Timing of initial presentations, focused clearly on the key issue you are tackling, will be up to 3 minutes.

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