Professor Sue Bloxham

Marking and moderating student work

This workshop will address the thorny issue of fair marking and moderation of student work and the calibration of academics’ standards with that of their subject community and any regulatory frameworks.  It will provide an overview of research on standards, marking and moderation followed by discussion and activities designed to address problems.  The workshop will also include information regarding current initiatives to secure academic standards such as the UK Higher Education Academy’s Degree Standards Project .


Sue 2013 New PicSue Bloxham is Emeritus Professor of Academic Practice at the University of Cumbria, National Teaching Fellow and an educational consultant. Sue has published widely in the assessment field including the best-selling Developing Effective Assessment in Higher Education (Open University Press) with Pete Boyd.  She has researched on matters such as student skills development, group assessment, feedback, course design and marking.  In recent years, her interest in what students need to do to succeed in university assessment has inspired research into how tutors recognise quality in their marking and the use of standards by academics.  She has published a number of challenging papers on this topic leading to her appointment as principal investigator for a recent review of external examining arrangements  in the UK for HEFCE which has led to the Higher Education Academy’s degree standards Project aimed at further professionalising examining.  Sue was chair of the Assessment in Higher Education Conference between 2008 and 2015 and continues to serve on its Executive Committee.

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