Professor David Boud

Feedback Masterclass

Many of commonplace feedback practices are criticised in surveys as not meeting students’ needs. Also, unless students engage with useful information provided to them, then it is very unlikely to have any influence on them. What can be done then to design feedback processes so they have a worthwhile effect? The session will use current research to focus on rethinking the way we talk about feedback and focus on two key strategies: the design of course units to maximise the chances of students engaging in feedback and improving their work, and changing the nature of comments provided to students so they engage with them and act on them.

david-boud-1David Boud is Professor and Foundation Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning, Deakin University, Melbourne and Research Professor in the Institute for Work-Based Learning, Middlesex University. He is Emeritus Professor at the University of Technology Sydney and a Senior Fellow of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (National Teaching Fellow).

If participants wish to read in advance, see:

Boud, D. and Molloy, E. (2013). Rethinking models of feedback for learning: the challenge of design, Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 38, 6, 698-712.

Boud, D. and Molloy, E. (2013). Decision-making for feedback. Boud, D. and Molloy, E. (Eds.). Feedback in Higher and Professional Education, London: Routledge, 202-217.

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