Professor Mark Huxham

Pedagogies of Partnership – the joys and challenges of co-creation with students

This masterclass will consider co-creation; sharing the responsibility for the design and delivery of teaching and learning experiences and curricula with students. We will consider the following:

  • What are the arguments for co-creation?
  • What are the constraints and challenges?
  • What forms can in take in Higher Education?
  • What can we learn from successful (and less successful) examples?

Why should I come along?

We welcome anyone interested in exploring the theory and practice of co-creation, whether you are just considering doing it or already experienced; whether you are interested in practice or research or both. You will have a chance to explore the idea further, to learn from the literature and from other’s experiences and to discuss your own examples. The session will be led by Mark, a Principal Fellow of the HEA with fifteen years’ experience of implementing and researching co-creation.


mark-huxhamMark Huxham is Professor of Teaching and Research in Environmental Biology at Edinburgh Napier University and a Principal Fellow of the HEA. He has enjoyed exploring co-creation with my students for many years, with initiatives ranging from the small (deciding how to run individual sessions) through to the institutional scale.  He is am particularly motived by the democratic potential of partnership with students and often surprised at how difficult it can be for us, as teachers, to see learning from a student’s perspective, and at how well students can help us with this problem. He likes to bring together perspectives from his two areas of research – ecology and pedagogy – and look to partner with all sorts of people in both disciplinary areas.

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