Presenter Information

AHE Logo (Cut out tick,  no text)In order to help you to prepare for your presentations, please see the presentation format details below, for information.

 10 Minute Presentations

All Parallel Sessions are themed and will be one hour sessions.  Each Parallel session consist of three presentations.  Each presenter will be allocated approx. 10 minutes presentation time, followed by 10 minutes discussion.  The timing of the sessions will be chaired and you will be given a two minute warning and then asked to stop after ten minutes. Please rehearse your presentation to ensure that you will be able to keep to time. If you are using slides then normally it is not possible to manage more than one slide per minute. In designing your presentation please feel free to focus on key issues that you feel will be of most interest to the audience, those interested will be able to follow up more details from the paper. All presenters are asked to bring 15 copies of their paper to the event for those delegates with a particular interest in your study.  Papers should be 1500-5000 words depending on the stage of the project.  We encourage presenters to include appropriate further details and references so that delegates can follow-up after the event.  All oral presentation abstracts will be included in the conference programme.

3 Minute ‘Nano’ Presentations

The ‘nano’ presentations will be held in the main lecture theatre to the full conference audience.  This will be a one hour ten minute session in total.  Presenters are asked to send one PowerPoint slide in advance of the seminar to  by 29 April 2016. A slide show will be created from these slides and the running order will be kept top secret to add a bit of spice and spontaneity to the presentations.  Each presenter will present orally for three minutes when their slide appears on the projector screen followed by a couple of minutes for clarifying questions or comments.  All ‘nano’ presentations abstracts will be included in the conference programme.

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