Designing effective feedback processes: A learning-focused approach

Naomi Winstone and David Carless


Feedback is one of the most promising ways of raising achievement yet difficult to carry out effectively in massified higher education. In this book, we argue that designing for student uptake of feedback is at the heart of effective ‘new paradigm’ feedback processes, which are focused on what the learner does in terms of generating and using feedback for ongoing improvement. The book explores key themes such as feedback literacy,technology-enabled feedback, peer feedback, assessment design for uptake of feedback, and the relational dimensions of feedback.


The key contribution of the book lies in its interweaving of theory and practice. Each chapter contains an in-depth synthesis of literature, research summaries, links to further resources, and poses questions to stimulate further reflection. We also showcase designs for student uptake of feedback which are both well-grounded theoretically and practical to implement in both smaller and larger classes. The book will be an indispensable resource for teachers, researchers, academic developers and senior managers in higher education.

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