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AHE Logo (Cut out tick, no text)Transforming Assessment and Feedback in Higher Education on a wider scale: the challenge of change at institutional level

Thursday 30th June 2016 from 10.00am to 4.00pm Manchester, UK

This is a call for contributions to a one day seminar organised by the executive committee of the international Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) biennial conference. Proposals are invited for presentations to share your practice innovations, research and reflections on developing assessment and feedback practice at departmental, faculty and institutional level in higher education. It builds on the Institutional change and assessment theme from the June 2015 AHE conference and uses an interactive format in order to generate dialogue and debate amongst participants.

Many assessment innovations and research studies are carried out by individuals within a specific module or programme and we lack sufficient evidence of successful efforts to make wider departmental or institutional change in line with our growing knowledge of good practice in assessment. This seminar focuses on innovations that do address the challenge of establishing wider and more deep-rooted transformation. You are invited to share an initiative or research project that tackles assessment at the departmental, faculty or institutional level. Topics may include rebalancing formative and summative assessment, improving feedback processes and student engagement, policy development, academic standards, grading systems, and other initiatives aimed at transformational change.

The seminar will begin with a keynote by Professor Sue Bloxham which will explore:
Sue 2013 New PicCentral challenges in transforming assessment at departmental and institutional level’.

The remainder of the day will be an opportunity to take these challenges forward through a programme of short presentations and round table discussions. These will be selected through this call for proposals and a peer review process.

For further information about presentation formats please follow this link

The deadline for submissions is Friday 29 January 2016. You must submit your proposal online here

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